Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN…would Love to be your SUPER HERO Kitty.
Her transformation into an affectionate cutie reads like a DC cat comic saga….
This snuggly tabby was born in an overgrown Massapequa yard covered by an old, rotting deck boardwalk.
She and 2 sisters could hide under this boardwalk most of the day when Mom wasn’t around. It was as if they lived in a wooded subway station. Their cover gave them access to most of the yard. They could sneak out to eat and then slip into their dark hideaway.
To complicate trapping, the homeowner was disabled and could not get down higher deck stairs to feed them or get a view of them eating meals in the wired-open trap left by the Last Hope volunteer who had no idea how old they were because she never saw them.
It took weeks to trap the family…Mom first…who was quite feral and TNRed. Then the kittens WONDER WOMAN , BABY GIRL & CAT WOMAN. The babies were about 8 weeks so lots of socializing was provided in Last Hope foster homes.
WONDER WOMAN blossomed into a lovey  girl who deserves a SUPER HOME with Loving caretakers…


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

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