HUNTER- Icelandic Sheepdog or Spitz-type

Here’s Handsome HUNTER…

He was turned into Babylon Shelter after his family lost their home…the only home he ever knew…

HUNTER is handling surrender well. He quickly bonds to people who show him love. He noses you for petting & attention; SITS on request; walks well on a leash; gaits with a prance & travels like a pro in the car.

The owners called him a “Shepherd mix”┬ábut he is a Nordic or Spitz-based breed. He has a square 43 lb frame, gorgeous curled tail & resembles an Icelandic Sheepdog or Norwegian Buhund.

HUNTER is 5 yr old but never lived with kids, cats or other dogs…At this point he is handling new experiences well. He does appear to be gentle with kids, but would do best in a one dog home

HUNTER is a Handsome Hunk of a dog.


Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

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