Our names are Luna and Lola and no one wants us. We are just over a year old and WE DON’T FIT IN ANYWHERE! We were rescued in Melville last year at 7 weeks old.

We were considered “semi feral”, and even though we have progressed a great deal, we are not yet lap cats. Truth is, we may never turn into lap cats.
But, we like when people approach us slowly and pet us. We love treats, and will take them from your hands and purr in appreciation. We are not aggressive but, please don’t try to pick us up.
We were saved as kittens, but didn’t have the opportunity to be fully socialized while we were still young enough to learn to completely trust humans.

We are “Supposedly Unadoptable” but we want nothing more than to be adopted!
We need someone to take both of us, someone who will accept us for who we are without any expectations of who we may or may not become.

Please Visit Us, tell your friends about US and turn the Unadoptable into Adopted!


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

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