ROCKWELL- Dachshund/Beagle puppy

Little ROCKWELL is a very special boy and a real survivor. He came to Last Hope from a Kentucky shelter where he was running stray. ROCKWELL is a puppy, under a year, only about 10 pounds. He had double cherry eyes, and because of a birth defect, his bottom jaw is only about 2/3 the length it should be. His teeth are not erupted on his bottom jaw, and he has only a few baby teeth and 2 adult molars on the top. ┬áDespite these disabilities, ROCKWELL was on his own in Kentucky . He had his cherry eye surgery before coming to us, and is now on meds to help his eyes heal completely. After his eyes are less irritated, ROCKWELL will see a veterinary dental specialist because some of his few teeth may need to be pulled so not to tax his bottom jaw. ROCKWELL is not fazed by any of this “hoopla”. He eats soft food and runs like the wind. He even discovered the A -Frame in the Last Hope yard and thinks it’s his personal playground. ROCKWELL is a tiny gem in need a a loving home.


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