RURU- Chuggle-Adopted


RURU Wants to Know:
“Why am I being overlooked at Last Hope? I am a young, friendly dog. Is it my underbite?

Is it my silly name?” You can call me RURU, or you call me KOKO, my real name according to my microchip…just call me into your life where I will be happy to stay ,” said our tiny Chuggle.

RURU is a Chuggle which is:

a Chihuahua/Puggle which really means Chihuahua/Pug/Beagle in various proportions of each breed.

She is a 30 lb.stray from an overcrowded Virginia shelter with Personality Plus. She knows Sit and How to Smile in the Silliest Way.

**RURU is a Treat Detector dog…She knows a special trick. If you hide a small treat in one closed hand and ask her to find the treat, RURU will sniff and then tap the hand containing the goodie. She is NEVER wrong.**

Great companion dog seeking
a loving Home & better Name.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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