SNUGGLES — Adopted!

Snuggles, her brother, Travis, and several other siblings were born outside in the middle of April, 2017.  Living conditions at the beginning of their little lives were horrendous.  Happily, Last Hope came into the picture and swooped up these unfortunate kittens.  Soon, they were with their foster mom, being taken care of in a safe and warm home.  They received all the veterinary care required to restore them to good health, all the while being loved and socialized.  Now they are residing in PetSmart, Huntington Station, so much looking forward to finding their forever homes.  Despite the hardships of their earlier lives, these kittens are totally sweet and friendly.  They love petting, laps and playing and everything common to adorable kittens.  Snuggles, as can be seen in her photo, is a beautiful, softly-colored Siamese mix.  And she has a fantastic tabby tail!  Please stop by to spend a little time with this sweet girl.  You’ll be charmed by her sweet personality.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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