Tango is a beautiful gray and white 5 month old kitten who happens to be one of the most gentle and loving kittens we have ever met!
Tango also happens to be FIV positive.

FIV is a cat-only disease. It cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines.
FIV is spread through serious, deeply penetrating bite wounds. The type of bite wound that is seen in feral unneutered cats. An infected mother may also infect her kittens while they are in her womb. 
FIV CANNOT be spread casually between cats, such as in water or food bowls, or in litter boxes. Cuddling, playing and other forms of casual physical contact do NOT spread the virus.
FIV itself does not shorten a cat’s life-span. Because FIV affects a cat’s immune system it can be more difficult for an FIV+ cat to fight off infections. Otherwise,FIV+ cats are no different from other cats, often living long, healthy lives.

Tango needs someone to open their heart and adopt him before he grows up in a cage.


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

For more information on adoption, please fill out the attached form below:

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