A total of 98 pets were adopted from Last Hope during August-“Clear the Shelters” Month

??August was “Clear the Shelters ” month.
Last Hope participated in sending weekly dog & cat placement numbers to this national shelter adoption campaign, sponsored & promoted by NBC television. ????
?And our August 2022 tally was: 98 pets 32 dogs & 66 cats– placed in loving homes. When you think that Last Hope typically places 800 pets- around 500 cats & 300 dogs- in loving homes each year, 98 adopted in August 2022 alone reflects a busy month for us.
?Note: The total of 98 pets placed does not include any dogs or puppies currently in Foster-to-Adopt homes while they are undergoing heartworm or other medical treatment, or waiting for the traditional age of 6 months to be spayed or neutered.
?Thank You to all our Last Hope volunteers who made this happen.?
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