Last Hope needs more VOLUNTEERS at all our cat locations, especially at our adoption center in Wantagh. It’s Kitten Season & our phones are ringing off the hook with people who’ve found litters in their yard. The influx of kittens ready for adoption is about to begin. By the end of this week, the first 40 Last Hope kittens of 2016 will be spayed/neutered and ready for permanent homes. We need more volunteers to help our feline rookies & veteran kitties while they are waiting to be chosen. ┬áCollege students – make great use of your time off this summer and volunteer with us 1 or 2 days a week. Must be 18 years old.
We also desperately need MORE kitten FOSTER HOMES. Newborn, outdoor kittens have a brief window of opportunity to be handled and socialized. When there is no human contact by 8 weeks, it becomes the unofficial point of no return. At that age, many remain feral even if their Mom was an abandoned pet cat. With each passing week, taming the kitten gets more difficult. We’d hate to sentence all these babies to a feral life outdoors, when a little TLC could change their lives for the better.
To volunteer or foster, please email
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