Delilah- brindle Pocket Pit Saved from the RR tracks-Adopted



*Saved From the Train Tracks*

Delightful DELILAH, a pocket Pit, about a year old, has had a perilous life.

She was running on her own in the Amityville/Farmingdale area where Rt. 109 meets Rt. 110. Two kind women were trying to trap her & called #BabylonAnimalShelter for help.

Animal Control officer Jill joined in the search. They found DELILAH lying on the train tracks.

As a train approached, the women screamed b/c they couldn’t bear to look, but Jill could see the dog had gotten off in time.

Next thing they know, DELILAH was back lying on the train tracks. The 3 women chased her off her dangerous resting spot but she disappeared into the brush.

The next day the first 2 ladies trapped her, and brought her to Babylon Shelter.

DELILAH has already had milk now…She had persistent baby teeth pulled when she was spayed.

She is the SWEETEST and tries to fit all 29 lb of her in your lap. She loves people & walks well on a leash . She did her best to be housebroken in the shelter kennel.

DELILAH moved to Last Hope to maximize her chances of finding a
Wonderful Home where she will always be SAFE, SECURE & CHERISHED.

DELILAH Deserves the BEST LIFE..


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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