In 2020 Last Hope Placed 502 Cats and Kittens into Loving Homes

BABY, I’m AMAZED at Our Last Hope Volunteers-
Last Hope 2020 Cat & Kitten Adoption Total is 502.
Yes, 502 cats & kittens taken off the streets, or from overcrowded shelters, or out of harm’s way, or saved from the hardship of life as a feral, or bottle babies and/or healed after being discovered with a serious medical condition, most fostered and then placed in a loving, FOREVER HOME. ..
502 CATS- Despite months of Covid closures, pandemic precautions, curtailed veterinary appointments , limited “man-power”, lack of public fundraisers & every obstacle 2020 could throw at us.
Compare the 2020 adoption total of 493 in 2019. Last Hope Volunteers Re-Invented our Adoption Process without Sacrificing our High Standards for an Approved Home for Our Cats.
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