In 2020 Last Hope Placed More than 297 Dogs in Loving Homes

Last Hope’s adopted Corgi LIMBO has Great News:. Here goes:
” In 2020, despite the obstacles of the pandemic, Last Hope found loving homes for 261 adult dogs (this includes me) & 37 puppies which adds up to 297 orphaned dogs now in loving homes.
And at the end of 2020, there were still an additional 20 Last Hope dogs in their Foster-to-Adopt homes which in most cases will become “official” once the puppies and dogs are either old enough or well enough to be spay/neutered.
This brings the 2020 Last Hope dog placement grand total up to 317.WOW!”
Note: LIMBO was chosen to announce our Last Hope 2020 dog adoption total for 2 important reasons.
LIMBO is one of Last Hope’s 2020 special needs dogs. He came from a rural Virginia shelter. LIMBO was missing part of his rear leg up to his knee. X-rays showed this was from an old, healed injury- possibly having his leg caught in a steel leghold trap.
His new family-Corgi lovers- drove 10 hours round trip to adopt LIMBO from Last Hope once their application was approved.
LIMBO’s name is also a good description of the fortunate dogs who find themselves at Last Hope.
When they come to us, their lives are in “limbo”…They have left their often hellish past, and are in “limbo”- staying temporarily at our Dog Adoption Center… until their heavenly new life begins once they are adopted.
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