Last Hope Fix-A-Feral Vouchers Have Resumed for 2022

???Last Hope Fix-A-Feral Voucher Program Part 3 Resumed on June 1st. ???
As of today- June 1st, Last Hope is again accepting applications for our FixAFeral vouchers.
We have added additional veterinarians and these vouchers can be used through Dec 21,2022. Please read below:
???If you have already applied for vouchers this year, Last Hope will only issue additional ones to you if we have some left after we issue vouchers to everyone applying for the 1st time who needs them.
????If you have a large colony to TNR, please contact us directly.
???NEWS: Last Hope FIX-A-FERAL Vouchers have Resumed in 2022.???
All the information & regulations, YOU need to know, and the agreement you must fill out to receive up to 5 Last Hope FIX-A-FERAL vouchers is now on our website
Our “FIX-A-FERAL Program Information” is the 3rd topic under the “Information” tab on our homepage. There are 4 participating animal hospitals. Voucher holders choose the vet office and make their own appointments.
These are $15 discounted vouchers. The voucher holder pays $15 per cat at the animal hospital, and Last Hope subsidizes the rest of the cost for each feral’s spay/neuter and vaccines.
Please read all the current FIX-A-FERAL information before applying for vouchers, and do not apply unless you intend to use the vouchers in the near future. Last Hope will mail (via the post office) the vouchers to YOU.
Do NOT trap unless you have a voucher and a vet appointment for the person whose name is on the voucher, and is the same person bringing the cat in the trap to the vet.
This phase of Last Hope’s TNR voucher program will be for a limited time which is dependent on the amount of requests we receive.
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