Last Hope “Clear the Shelters” 8/23-9/18- Total 74 Adoptions (38 cat; 36 dog)

From August 23 to Sept 18, Last Hope Animal Rescue Reports Dog & Cat Adoption Totals to NBC’s CLEAR the SHELTERS campaign each week?
All participating shelters do so as a united effort across the US to support & encourage people to ADOPT pets from rescues & shelters.
The Adoption Count is not a competition nor does any shelter receive $ compensation from CLEAR the SHELTERS.
? That said- Last Hope Adoption Totals:
Week 1 -Aug 23-30
17 adoptions (9 cats; 8 dogs)
Week 2- Aug 31- Sept 6
20 adoptions ( 8 cats; 12 dogs)
Week 3-Sept 7-Sept 13
19 adoptions (12 cats;7 dogs)
Week 4-Final Week-Sept 14-Sept 18
18 adoptions (9 cats; 9 dogs)
Last Hope Total for Clear the Shelters- 74 (28 cats; 26 dogs)
?Meanwhile, the CLEAR the SHELTERS
National Counter is ongoing.
After Week 4 the National Adoption count
was over  121,000 as of Sept.21st.
* ?*At Last Hope we have always believed the quality of each Adoption is more Important than the quantity of Adoptions.
Our Adoption Screening & Criteria are never Diminished. We seek a Loving, Responsible FOREVER HOME for each & every cat & dog in our care.
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