Last Hope’s “Matching Funds for Ferals” Campaign-Your $ Donation will DOUBLE!


**Current Cat Count as of 1/16/21-  We have received matched donations enough to spay/neuter 488 feral cats, and hope to reach our completely matched 600 feral cats goal total by the end of January.

Last Hope’s “Matching Funds for Ferals” Campaign

Your Donation to Spay/Neuter Feral Cats on Long Island Will DOUBLE-Thanks to a $15K Matching Donation from a Long-Time, TNR Advocate and Generous Last Hope Sponsor.  This means Your Gift to Help Feral Cats Is More Valuable Than Ever.

Imagine this:

* If You Give $50 to Spay “Just One”, Your Matched Gift  Will Spay 2 Feral Cats.

*If You Give  $100 to Spay “Just Two”, Your Matched Gift  Will Spay 4 Feral Cats.

* If You Give $200 to Spay “Just Four”, Your Matched Gift Will Spay 8 Feral Cats.

* If the $15K donation is Completely Matched, Last Hope Can Spay 600 Feral Cats.

Last Hope’s “Matching Funds for Ferals” Campaign will end on Jan. 31, 2021, so please do not delay.

Every dollar we receive, prevents more feral cats from reproducing kittens, destined to struggle through life like their parents, and to perpetuate the feral overpopulation. Every dollar we receive improves the quality of life for adult feral cats returned to their managed colonies.

Thus far during 2020, Last Hope has spent about $75K by offering the public free or discounted Fix-A-Feral vouchers and public TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) clinics. Our feral cat funds are completely depleted, but we cannot turn our backs on Long Island’s feral cats, particularly during the harsh winter, and especially when we should be pro-active about neutering them before kitten season explodes in spring 2021.

*Feral Cats are Community Cats and Together as a Community, We Can Help More Cats.

Last Hope Needs Your Continued Support so Our Feral Cat Resources Multiply.

If We Turn Our Backs on Feral Cats, They’ll Continue to Multiply.*

It costs Last Hope about $50 to spay/neuter each feral cat.

Join our Matched Community Cats Campaign:

Please consider sponsoring “Just One” Spay by donating $50 (or more),  via our PayPal link: below:

or by writing a $50 check to Last Hope (with “Just One” on the subject line), mailed to Last Hope, PO Box 7025, Wantagh, NY 11793. (Feel free to sponsor “Just Two” or more.)

We’ll be updating a Cat Counter of the current total # of Matched “Just One” Feral Cat Spay /Neuters on our Last Hope Inc. Face book and our website-

MANY THANKS to Matched “Just One” Contributors!

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