If you take the time to talk to her.

She came to Last Hope Wantagh as a shy,
but friendly tabby trapped for TNR at a Wading River cat colony. She was too sociable to go back there.

At Last Hope, RAZZLE has blossomed into a loving 1 yr kitten who answers your discussions with her in a falsetto meowy voice, and craves attention.

She wants to leave Last Hope, embraced by someone who will treasure her; but RAZZLE worries b/c lots of people walk by & don’t even glance at her b/c she is no longer a kitten.

RAZZLE hopes YOU will notice HER in the wide double cage on the left as you walk into our Wantagh Cat Center.


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

For more information on adoption, please fill out the attached form below:

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