Update on Maia, the Cross Bronx Detour Cat
It was not the normal route that Last Hope’s volunteers, Lauren and Justin take home but the rain and congestion Sunday morning March 28, 2021 forced a diversion and they ended up on the Cross Bronx Expressway.
It turned out to be a lifesaving detour for a young cat lying motionless against the center median wall of the expressway, apparently hit by or thrown out of a car. Lauren hopped out of the car and scooped the poor soaking wet cat up in a blanket not knowing if she was going to make it. Directed by us to go immediately to West Hills Animal Hospital, it was very touch and go as the doctors tried to raise her temperature and support her with fluids. X-rays showed five kittens as well as multiple pelvic multiple fractures.
The vet called the next day to tell us she gave birth to 3 premature kittens as well as two stillborn kittens. Sadly, two of the three tiny surviving kittens passed away within the first 24 hours. At present, both mom and baby Beatrice are doing well but repeat xrays on Maia revealed that her fractures aren’t healing. So, it’s another month of strict rest for Maia. Hopefully, she won’t need orthopedic surgery to put her pelvis back together.
Last Hope wants to express our heartfelt thanks  to everyone who helped us care for Maia and her baby, Beatrice!  Whether it was by monetary donations, kind words of support, or prayers, you all made a difference for these cats!
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