Suggests on How to Help Maui Humane Society after the Devastating Fires

LAST HOPE Suggests Ways to Help Maui Humane Society Care for Hundreds of Pets Displaced by the Devastating Fires…Last Hope is Sharing Nassau SPCA’s Ideas to Send $ and Supply Donations Directly to Maui Humane Society:

“Hawaii’s Lahaina blaze is now the deadliest US wildfire. Those that are lost and injured in Maui’s wildfire, include hundreds of pets.

The already full, Maui Humane Society, is desperately seeking help for the hundreds of animals displaced from the devastating wildfires. Many animals entering the shelter are lost from the evacuation process, burnt or suffering from smoke inhalation. Intake numbers are expected to continue to rise, with so many pet owners that have lost their homes needing to surrender their animals.

We’re not too far to help

“Aiding animals in crisis is an overwhelming and daunting task even for those trained in Disaster Response. Under these catastrophic circumstances, help can sometimes only come from outside of the effected area, so it’s important that we highlight the need as well as contribute in any capacity possible.” – Gary Rogers, President Nassau County SPCA

 The Island of Maui has never been faced with such a catastrophe before. Citizens there need experienced emergency personnel to help with rescue, recovery and rebuilding.

Therefore, BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Executive Director of Disaster & Field Response, Eric Thompson, is on the ground serving as the Liaison Officer to governmental and non-governmental partners for Maui Humane Society’s emergency management efforts. In his role, Eric is leading the coordination of resources and operations. Bissell Pet Foundation’s Animal Incident Management arm has deployed teams from San Diego Humane Society and Arizona Humane Society to join Eric on the ground in the impacted Lahaina area. Oregon Humane Society will be joining the effort shortly.

 **Keep in Mind When Super Storm Sandy Immobilized Long Island in October 2012, Gary Rogers of Nassau SPCA and Pet Safe Coalition were at the lead setting up and running the old gymnasium at Mitchel Field as the Nassau County Emergency Animal Shelter. Hundreds of displaced LI dogs and cats were housed and care for there from November 2012 to mid-March 2013 when the shelter officially closed. Some pets were from Suffolk and Queens.  A total of 515 pets were sheltered at this makeshift facility.

The gymnasium was a huge empty fortress which was outfitted with approximately 300 Pop Up crates, many donated to the shelter by corporations and individuals, from near and far. (The size MidWest crate that worked best for both dogs and cats is listed below by the link.)

Every unclaimed and surrendered pet (75 in all) was either adopted, fostered or taken by a rescue, most out of state, before the Mitchel Field shelter closed.

*Three Ways to Help Maui Humane Society Directly:

1) Send a Monetary Donation to Maui Humane Society

2) Send Items on Maui Humane Society’s Amazon Wish List Directly to the Shelter.

Address: Maui Humane Society, 1350 Mehameha Loop, Puunene, Hawaii 96784, US

Phone: 808-877-3680

Though not on the Maui Humane Society Amazon Wish List, the Kitty Sift (6-Pack) Disposable Cat Litter Box worked well at Mitchel Field for the many cats, rather than having volunteers scrubbing and reusing plastic litter pans. Litter is always in short supply too.

3) Send Pop Up Metal Crates to Make Room at the Shelter and inside any Additional Tented Space for the Influx of Stray Dogs & Cats

Suggested Model and Size Crate to Donate:

*MidWest Homes for Pets Large Dog Crate | MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate | Divider Panel, Floor Protecting Feet, Leak-Proof Dog Pan | 42L x 28W x 31H Inches, Large Dog

Use the Maui Humane Society address and phone number above to send a crate.

*Nassau County SPCA has donated 20 Pop Up Crates to make room for 20 more animals impacted by the fires.

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