Young SHELBY has a Total Hip Replacement via AMC to the Rescue- She Walks 2 Miles a Day.

?SHELBY Has a Total Hip Replacement?
She is Sweet, Smart, Well–Behaved and Healed with Full Mobility. The new hip should function well for her whole life.
SHELBY a Lab mix pup came to Last Hope in March on a Georgia rescue transport when she was just under 1 year old.
Last Hope was told she had a “slight limp”, a description that has morphed into much more with previous rescued dogs, so we took it with a grain of salt.
Her “slight limp” turned out to be a badly fractured hip that healed incorrectly on its own. She was most likely hit by a car in Georgia.
Luckily SHELBY had the greatest team on earth on her side. She has been fostered by our volunteer Daneau family who have worked K9 miracles before- with heartworm dogs, seizure dogs and even a hit by car, heartworm dog who turned out to be pregnant & then whelped 6 healthy puppies in their home.
With the help of Nancy & Kayla taking SHELBY back & forth to Manhattan, in May SHELBY received a Total Hip Replacement pro bono at the Animal Medical Center (AMC) via the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue program.
She was the 2nd Last Hope dog this spring to receive a Total Hip Replacement via AMC to the Rescue, performed by the remarkable Dr Robert Hart director of Orthopedic Joint Replacements at the AMC.
Dr Hart was kind enough to talk to me about canine Total Hip Replacements & AMC to the Rescue. Read lots more in the link to my “Amityville Record ” Pets column below:
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