Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what are the hours of operation?

Our main location is our Wantagh Adoption Center located at 3300 Beltagh Avenue (formerly Bide-a-Wee) in Wantagh which houses both cats and dogs available for adoption. We also have several satellite locations (see below).

The adoption center hours are:

  • Monday thru Saturday –  10:00 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday – 10:00 am to 6 pm

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Where else can we see cats available for adoption?

We also have a selection of cats for adoption at PetSmart in Huntington Station and Bellmore, Petco in Plainview and Wantagh, and Petland Discount in Deer Park /W. Babylon  (the addresses are on the right-hand side of the page).

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Where does Last Hope get their cats and dogs?

All dogs are rescued from local municipal town shelters (pounds). Our cats are either death-due pound rescues or are rescued after being abandoned on the streets.

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How can I ensure your animals are disease free?

All of our cats and kittens are feline leukemia/AIDS negative and are fully veterinarian checked. They are given all their required shots, and the cats are given flea protection and de-wormed before adoption. The person adopting receives all the paperwork stating such.

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Are the dogs and cats spayed and neutered, and are they friendly?

All of our animals are spayed and neutered and are temperament evaluated before adoption. To the best of our ability, we advise the adopter of the personality of the animal prior to adoption.

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How do I adopt a dog?

If you are interested in one of the dogs you see on this site or to inquire about others, you can send us an email or visit our all NEW Wantagh Adoption Center located at 3300 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh. If  you have questions please call our Dog Coordinator, Letty at (631) 946-9528.

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What are the adoption fees?

Effective May.1, 2018 the adoption fee are as follows and are not refundable

  • Cats & Kittens – $125
  • Senior cats (10 and over) – $75
  • Puppies (6 months and under) – $400
  • Dogs – $300
  • Senior dogs (8 and over) – $100

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Does Last Hope accept donations?

Last Hope operates solely from private donations and from funds raised from our low cost vaccination clinics and varied fund-raising events held throughout the year. Please see our Donations page for more information.

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I need help rescuing a feral cat colony. How can Last Hope help?

Last Hope can supply humane cat traps (on Long Island only) with a $50 refundable deposit. The cats may then be spayed/neutered and released to the colony if there is a food source. Otherwise, the cats can be placed in the Last Hope program if they are deemed adoptable and are feline leukemia/aids negative. If the cats are accepted into the program, they have to be friendly and fostered by you and kept indoors. If you wish to be a volunteer who fosters cats or kittens, please download a volunteer application.

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What is a Last Hope foster parent?

A foster parent is an individual who takes on the responsibility of providing temporary shelter and caring for a designated number of rescued cats or dogs up for adoption in the Last Hope program. For more information, leave a message at (631) 425-1884 or download a volunteer application.

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I have a dog or cat I can’t keep. What should I do?

Last Hope only handles death-due pound animals and stray and abandoned cats. We are unable to take individuals’ pets. Visit our “Finding a home for a cat or kitten” page for more information. Please refer to our lists of public and private rescue organizations.

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How can I spay or neuter my animal inexpensively?

Sorry, Last Hope does not subsidize spay/neutering for individuals’ animals. Please click here for more information on low cost spay/neuter options.

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How can I vaccinate my animal inexpensively?

PETCO Vaccination Clinics offer affordable preventative care products and services for the health and well being of your pet. Contact your local PETCO store for clinic dates and times. Affordable Vaccinations available in select stores. See associate for details.

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