ALDO- Chihuahua & Sighthound? ADOPTED


Say HELLO to ALDO…..

He resembles a mini deer or perhaps a shrunken Pharaoh Hound (perhaps a Cirneco?).

His ears are as big as he is.
He is alert to noise withthese radar ears.

ALDO seems to understand Spanish better than English.

Right now this little fellow…Chihuahua + ?
is sometimes timid when he meets someone new. He needs quiet, private time with each new person before he relaxes.

After a little while, he realizes you are another friend and becomes lovey & comfy around you. And then he starts to play and nuzzle you to pet and play with him. He pops into Puppy Mode.

ALDO is only 10 months to a year. Supposedly he was taken to Babylon Shelter as a stray by people who said he was wandering a Copiague neighborhood for 5 days.

This experience, if true, may have traumatized him especially if he had been abandoned & then had lots of strange people chasing him.

After an hour at Last Hope, ALDO already had new friends..

Wait until he sees how many volunteers we have ready to assure him many people are eager to love ALDO…..

Stay Tuned to the ALDO app.

Note: ALDO made great progress about not being timid with new people during his first week at Last Hope.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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