APRIL- small Hound mix-Adopted


Oh, No! APRIL was the Wrong Dog.
Last Hope wasn’t supposed to get her.

But now we will make sure APRIL is the Right Dog for someone fortunate enough to Adopt her.

Imagine being loaded onto a crowded rescued dog van in Kentucky, making many stops along the way so other dogs could begin their “happily ever after “…

…only to wind up in Portchester, NY & then go to the wrong rescue.

The switcheroo wasn’t noticed until APRIL danced happily into Last Hope , & our dog coordinator said, ” WHO’s THAT?”

Took a while to convince the other rescue that took our scheduled (male) dog that they were supposed to take APRIL (female with no resemblance to male), and longer to convince them we didn’t want to trade dogs.- .we just wanted to trade paperwork.

APRIL is 16 months old, Beagle size & full grown. She still has that puppy exuberance, thinking every person she meets is her Best Friend.

Visit APRIL at Last Hope Dog Center in Wantagh.

She may just be the Right Dog to live with YOU.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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