“Asha”- Tiny Female Beagle – ADOPTED 2.2.15

“Asha” ….so tiny….so precious…..so neglected.

Little “Asha” is a young Beagle, less than 17 pounds, only about 2 years old.
She is a rescued stray taken in by a Kentucky shelter, and so fortunate to be alive.
She appears to have been bred, and is young to have had a uterine infection called pyometra.
Spaying and medicine saved her.

“Asha” is an agreeable and adorable doll.

She prances on the leash and was a willing taste-tester when 7th graders baked natural dog biscuits for our Last Hope dogs. We know “Asha” would like to sample your home cooking each and every day.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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