Athena- female German Shepherd puppy with broken hip & fractured tibia-Adopted

ATHENA an 8 month old German Shepherd puppy was named for the Greek goddess of Wisdom, Courage & Strength.

Thankfully, she possesses all 3 traits which should help get past the mistreatment she’s already endured in the first months of her life.

We are Looking for a Breed Savvy Shepherd Lover to provide her with a Foster-to-Adopt Home –

Foster while her broken bones mend, and then to finalize her adoption after she is healed & spayed.

ATHENA has a broken hip & lower leg fracture-both in her rear left leg.

An emaciated ATHENA was surrendered as part of a cruelty case. She, her Shepherd Mom & a large Pit were kept outside 24/7 in Wyandanch inside a ramshackle pen. This was the only world she knew.

At some point, unsure when, ATHENA got out of this pen..She was probably hit by a car & may have also gotten her leg injured in the wire of the pen.

This was in early August …Complex repairs to her broken bones were not done until Oct. 1. After the surrender, Babylon Shelter took the 3 dogs & brought ATHENA directly to NY Veterinary Specialists.

The orthopedic surgeon performed 2 operations on the same leg- an FHO for her broken hip…the crushed ball on the femur is removed & the remaining bone is put back into the pelvic socket.

He also repaired her tibia – lower leg bone with a external fixator..a contraption with hardware that is positioned on the outside of the leg (for 3 more weeks).

ATHENA loves people…her first exposure to strangers was her interaction & TLC from Babylon Shelter staff & volunteers.

We are concerned about her social well being too. She never lived inside a house.

She was completely neglected..and learned to mimic her Mom & the Pit. She barks at other dogs …and noises in the distance…but responds to gentle correction (her leg & hip are broken)..and apologizes by giving you a kiss.

ATHENA will thrive in a home setting with Shepherd savvy people. A shelter kennel is too stimulating for her.

She is SMART..It’s in her DNA to be intelligent. ATHENA has so much Pup Potential..
Until now she has been deprived of realizing her true Shepherd Smarts.

She is still a pup. In the right hands, ATHENA can make up for the time she’s lost as a ramshackle Pen Prisoner.

Remember we are seeking a nearby Foster – to -Adopt Home for ATHENA.

Call 631-671-2588 for more info about ATHENA.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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