CHALK- Adopted

CHALK is Waiting for you to Walk into His Young Life…

…Yes, this cutie’s name is “CHALK” because he was rescued from a Freeport school yard when he was 6 weeks old.

If you asked him, CHALK would tell you he doesn’t regret walking into a humane trap.

It was the first Turning Point in his young life…the scavenging & struggles of a feral life were now behind him.

Once under Last Hope’s care, CHALK would get full vet care, & the volunteers would make sure he got constant TLC & socialization- as did his 2 brothers- CRAYON & CUBBY.

Several days ago, CHALK went for the Big Snip.

He doesn’t understand that term, yet he knows this Big Snip experience is mandatory & now comes the next Turning Point in CHALK’s young life-

He is ready for Adoption at Last Hope in Wantagh.

CHALK IT ALL UP to CHALK Walking into That Humane Trap!


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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