Chance – ADOPTED!

ChanceTake a chance on “Chance”!  This tiny Havanese/Terrier with a chassis like a Wirehaired Doxie has had so much turmoil in his life of late. His elderly owner died; and he has been in the town shelter twice since then.

“Chance” an adorable 5 year old fellow tipping the scales at 14 pounds came to Last Hope via Babylon Town Shelter. In late November he showed up as a frightened stray in a Home Depot parking lot. A woman coming down to the shelter to redeem him, mentioned that he was her late father’s dog, and that she wanted to place him. Shortly after she surrendered him to the shelter.

He was quite frightened…and bewildered by his new surroundings. He lost the only friend he ever knew. He’s scared and confused. “Chance” shakes and flinches, but is as sweet as can be once he’s sure you aren’t going to hurt him. Then he approaches you with a gentle wag and wants to sit pressed up against you. And to make this “change of life” even more scary, Chance went to the vet for neutering which was a bit more complex than the norm because he was a cryptorchid, and he had a dentistry where 3 teeth were extracted. So a lot has happened in a short time. Now “Chance” is at Last Hope, and we are hoping that having so many volunteers to dote on him with lots of TLC will reassure him that things are going to be fine, and that someone nice is just around the bend.



I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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