Chester-Shepherd mix-adopted

Please Help Us Assure CHESTER 
He Will Never Suffer From Cruelty Again….

A man brought CHESTER to a LI animal hospital and when he said he was going to his car to get his wallet, he never returned…

Yes, he dumped CHESTER. Upon examination, the vet staff thought the poor dog had an embedded, ingrown collar wound, but after closer inspection, they saw a rubberband had been placed around his neck some 

The rubberband caused the deep wound you see in this graphic (sorry) photo. CHESTER is a short-coated dog, so the rubberband had to be noticeable when first put on his neck.

CHESTER was sent to Brookhaven Town Shelter as a stray until yesterday when his 3 Last Hope godmothers- Aunt Letty, Aunt Sandy & peeking out from the back seat- Aunt Stacy with her cast, broken foot & crutches-brought him to Last Hope along with 3 other Brookhaven Shelter pups.

CHESTER is wearing a harness so his neck can continue to heal. This young Shepherd mix is a doll. He knows SIT & STAY.

CHESTER’s tail is his mood barometer. At first it was tucked between his legs, but the longer he hung out in the Last Hope lobby with his many new Last Hope volunteerpals, his tail raised up and relaxed.

Help us continue to convince CHESTER that together we will NEVER let anyone hurt him again, and we will do our BEST to find him a GREAT FOREVER HOME

Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

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