CLARA- Jack Russell Terrier mix-Adopted


She is a special little Jack Russell mix with stubby legs who was hit by a truck in Wyandanch.

Luckily, she was just brushed by the truck, but x-rays showed 2 pelvic fractures.

Babylon Shelter sent CLARA to the ER.The specialty hospital spayed CLARA & recommended 6 to 8 weeks of cage rest & short walks because of her bi-lateral pubic bone fractures.

Turns out the people who called CLARA in as a stray hit by car were most likely her owners. She had been hit the day before and the people had her lying outside on the pavement when help arrived.

CLARA moved to Last HopeĀ  We stopped for her traditional Wendy’s chicken nuggets..She has at least 4 more weeks of cage rest..and is getting along quite well. You wouldn’t know she had this injury.

She can be a little shy of new people..but show her a pleasant voice, treat and petting and she becomes your new best friend forever within minutes.

CLARA is looking for Someone who will Treat her like a Special Member of the Family.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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