CORINNE Has Great News!

She is the 6th kitten from the Pumpkin Spice litter. All her siblings plus her Mom have been adopted.

Not CORINNE. She had trouble breathing & the left side of her heart was failing right after her spay on 8/23.

CORINNE was rushed to the hospital where she was put on oxygen, & other measures were taken to stabilize her. Our vet stayed up the whole night with her & saved her life.

She has been at the hospital ever since. At first it was thought her spay surgery brought out a congenital problem like cardiomyopathy, and CORINNE’S lifespan would be limited.

Yesterday CORINNE saw a cardiologist. He spent a long time doing an echo, monitoring her blood flow & completely checking her out.

He was happy to say he couldn’t find anything wrong with her heart. It’s normal. He feels her medical emergency was most likely an adverse reaction to anesthesia for her spay.

Meanwhile, CORINNE is a Doll. In the specialty hospital waiting room, she let dogs nose her, had many people hold her, purred non-stop, observed everything around her like a cat taking notes & made tons of friends.

CORINNE is available for adoption…Yes, ADOPTION. She is not a special needs kitten.

On a purrsonal note- CORINNE says Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, good vibes & well wishes when she was so ill.


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

For more information on adoption, please fill out the attached form below:

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