Cory – ADOPTED – 3.22.2014

CoryHey!  Cory here!  If you’re looking for an energetic and playful little guy, I’m you’re kitten!  I was born in Queens around mid-September, 2013.  I must have had a mom and a little family of brothers and sisters, but something happened to them and I was found all alone, so hungry and scared.  Happily, my luck changed, and a kind human rescued me and got me into the Last Hope program.  After some quality time with my foster mom, I was brought here to PetSmart, Huntington Station – the last stop, I hope, on my way to my forever home.   When you come to visit me, you’ll notice that my right eye is a bit cloudy.  It’s nothing to worry about, just the result of an eye infection which was treated by a vet and now I can see just as well as any other kitty.  But, what is not so readily apparent, is that I am deaf, too.  Are you that special person that will let me into your heart and home?


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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