A woman found Hal hanging from the slats of her stockade fence by one paw. He was stuck in this predicament at least 2 hours. It is theorized Hal had tried to escape danger by jumping the fence and got caught by his paw, which showed signs (after x-rays )of a previously healed fracture. Now the front paw is slightly curled. Hal puts some pressure on it when he walks. Babylon Shelter rushed to the scene and with help from the homeowners, the animal control officer was able to free Hal. He was taken to the Shelter to have his injured paw treated. Despite his horrible ordeal, Hal is a love bug mush who just wants to sit on your lap and purr. He’s about 11 months old, a dark mackerel tabby. Hal is waiting for you to meet him, fall in love, and make him part of your family!


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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