HAZEL- small female Rottie mix- Adopted

” I Just Have to Have HAZEL!”
is what we want to hear somebody who’s loving say.
HAZEL is a sweetheart. She arrived with this weekend’s Georgia Peach Pups.
Only a year old, HAZEL resembles a small, Rottie mix. She loves being around people.
And enjoys going on walks alongside GRACIE another new Georgia Peach Pup.
The Georgia transport carries dogs from several shelters, and receiving shelters usually do not get a lot of background information about the dogs because the shelters are so packed.
We don’t know if they used to live together, but , oddly enough, it looks as if the same person docked their tails a bit too long when they were puppies. We do believe HAZEL & GRACIE are sisters. Besides, their identical tails, their head & body structure are quite similar….their coloring differs.
HAZEL has the makings of a great Family Dog.
To meet HAZEL by appointment at Last Hope in Wantagh, please complete and submit a dog adoption application found on the Last Hope website homepage.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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