JAXX- male big Jack Russell Terrier mix

Make Tracks to Last Hope to Meet JAXX .
Jolly JAXX is a 5 yr old Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) mix from a Georgia shelter.
He spent time in a shelter foster home too until his student foster had to get back to school. Then JAXX went back to the shelter so JAXX’s GA sending shelter knows more about JAXX in a home.
JAXX loves to play ball & run for fun- then he chills to smooze with peeps.
He is 34 lbs. so he is a little bigger than a typical smooth JRT.
JAXX is good with kids, but needs to meet other dogs on a case by case basis.
JAXX is looking forward to sharing his life’s journey with YOU.

Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

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