Jordan- Basset mix- ADOPTED!


Jordan is a comical looking fellow. He resembles a large kielbasi, or a dog with a Basset physique. He comes to Last Hope as an owner surrender from Babylon Town Shelter. He’s a year old pup and his former owner already had other dogs.

Jordan has great pup potential but needs someone who will reinforce the basics of canine etiquette. He has energy, but he is getting direction to turn him into the well-trained dog he can be. Jordan is smart and can problem-solve. You see the “wheels turning” in his head.

Jordan has been working with our trainer. He leash walking and behavior have improved when he wears a Gentle Leader. He is quite smart and can problem solve. You can see the “wheels turning in his head” as he figures out what to do.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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