MAZE- male Beagle mix-Foster-to-Adopt during heartworm treatment


“Maybe I am MAZE…
Maybe I’m a PUP
Maybe I’m a lonely PUP
who’s in the middle of something
That he doesn’t really understand.”

MAZE is a bit confused. He is
only a 1 yr old Beagle mix & only 21 lbs. He confused Sir Paul’s lyrics too.

MAZE has no clue where he is.

He used to be in a Shelter in Bowling Green, KY.
HE heard the staff say a a weird word- “heartworm “,
and next thing he knows, in the wee hours of a Sat morning, he was loaded on a van with lots of other scared dogs.

The van went for the longest ride ever.
There were stops along the way. Some dogs disappeared from the van at each stop.
Oh, no! Where did they go? Are they safe?

Hours later, some nice lady in a Last Hope shirt grabbed MAZE & a few other dogs in their crates.

That lady told him how cute he was, then shoved his crate in her car.

They drove over an hour over huge bridges..there were several other dogs familiar to MAZE. They were confused too.

Then the lady pulled into a place called LAST HOPE. Odd name? Matches her shirt.

Now MAZE is surrounded by many nice people making a fuss over him. Where is he?
No one explains anything to him.

“Where am I ? What does this long trip have to do with the word “heartworm”?

That night while MAZE was drifting off on his comfy Kuranda cot he thought:

“Maybe I am MAZE but I am also Amazed
by this place called Last Hope.
I think I like it here.
Bet these folks will explain “heartworm ” to me.
Bet they will find me a Wonderful Home.”


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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