NIBBLES- Adopted

NIBBLES Tried Copy-Catting a CARRIER TRICK in Hopes of Getting Adopted
    A few weeks ago, SILVIO a stray tabby in Queens climbed into an open cat carrier in a Last Hope free roamer room because the cat who was in the process of being adopted, was evading the volunteers.. They couldn’t grab her to send her home.
SILVIO thought he might be able to convince the adopter to take him home instead. His trick didn’t work, but he was ADOPTED shortly after the FB post about how hard he tried to be noticed & substituted.
 Well, NIBBLES, also a tabby kitten..but he was rescued outside a Brentwood restaurant… He must have heard news about SILVIO’s SUCCESS & New Home via the Last Hope Cat Grapevine.
He pulled the same, open carrier stunt in the lobby Jungle Room.
FRED, a black cat was getting adopted.
However, NIBBLES beat FRED into the open carrier.
Then FRED rushed in with him, and , not to be outdone, RICKY, the last of the lobby room trio, squeezed into the carrier too…
What a Sight that Must Have Been!
Only FRED went HOME that night..
But… Hopefully, NIBBLES paved the way for his own Adoption soon…and purrhaps-RICKY’s ADOPTION soon too.
Meet NIBBLES & RICKY in the lobby Jungle Room. Bring an XL cat carrier, please.


If you are interested in learning more about NIBBLES, please send an email to or fill out an application from our website.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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