NORMAN- male 98% German Shepherd- Adopted

?NORMAN is New?
NORMAN is an energetic, young German Shepherd mix, around 1.5 yrs old. He’s mostly GSD except for his ears being slightly floppy.
He arrived at Last Hope recently. NORMAN’s tale is sad. It seems awhile back, his former owner tried to surrender his young, male Shepherd to a LI municipal shelter but the shelter wouldn’t take him because the owner didn’t live in that town.
The next day the same young Shepherd (now called NORMAN) was found wandering a wooded county park. Seems very likely NORMAN was abandoned in the wooded park by his owner.
NORMAN needs a Shepherd-savvy owner. Think of this beautiful boy as a lump of black & tan clay with sharp teeth who is ready & willing to be molded into a well-mannered German Shepherd by his mentor & molder.
He knows SIT, but he needs consistent guidance to teach him about calm play & patience. NORMAN loves toys & can be over- exuberant.
NORMAN is a big puppy with tremendous potential. With the right person training him, NORMAN can become an incredible example of his incredible breed.
Note: GSD stands for “German Shepherd Dog”, the full name of the breed.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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