PANDORA- Adopted

Poor PANDORA Found Herself Dumped Inside a Cardboard Box

A week ago, a woman was seen on a town shelter surveillance camera, getting out of a van and dropping a cardboard box in front of the shelter door. The camera didn’t catch the van’s plate #. Luckily, the shelter ‘s cleaning crew came after hours on this day and discovered the frightened cat contents inside the discarded box. They brought the box safely inside the shelter. Otherwise, the bewildered cat may have escaped from the box close to the LIE.. Poor PANDORA, a tabby about a year old, was the prisoner inside the box..

She has a constant, quizzical expression on her face, which adds to sorrow people feel when they hear about her terrifying ordeal. Well, PANDORA is at Last Hope Cat Center in Wantagh now minus her box. Actually, she is an endearing kittenish tabby who rolls over, inviting you to pet her. We are looking for a loving & secure home for PANDORA where she will always be protected from harm… Because unlike the Pandora in the Greek myth who releases bad spirits into the world, the evil inflicted upon our purring PANDORA came from outside the box. Instead, Sweetness was trapped inside the tossed carton. And opening this box, released an innocent & deserving creature back into our world..

PANDORA needs your help, finding a safe haven home.

If you are interested in learning more about her, please send us an email to or fill out an application from our website.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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