POLLY- Beagle-Adopted

hopes everything in her life will become Pollyanna & Carefree.

She wants to be a pampered pet for the first time in her life.

She & her almost-twin sister PAYTON, both 5 yrs old, do not want to worry anymore about where their next meal comes from,

if they’ll have any type of shelter,

whether they have to be better hunters or puppy producers

so their Kentucky owner doesn’t dump them in the woods, at a shelter or does something far worse.

POLLY & PAYTON were transferred from another KY shelter so they could become transport passengers on the Bowling Green bus….

….and so they could “get out of Dodge,” before they have to dodge bullets as so many other discarded hunting Beagles have done…or have tried unsuccessfully to do.

Welcome to LAST HOPE on LI, POLLY.
Please tell PAYTON that many a discarded BEAGLE has made the same journey as you 2 did..

And many a discarded BEAGLE who stayed at Last Hope is now a Pampered PET.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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