Slim“Slim” walks like Charlie Chaplin ( or a duck) because his front feet are deformed. He has adapted quite well, and even has ancillary pads to cushion his step. He does not need corrective surgery…Vets feel that this condition may have happened when he was a pup and his growth plates were maturing. He may have been a pet store puppy for a prolonged time in a cage with a wire floor…but we have no proof of that.

“Slim”, this tiny 10 pound Chihuahua comes to Last Hope from Babylon Town Shelter, a surrender due to his owner’s illness. When his former owner had a stroke, the family brought “Slim” and a Lab mix house mate to the shelter. “Slim” is about 5 years old, and loves everyone. He gives kids kisses…He is a doll.

And please don’t feel sorry for him because of his bent feet…Slim moseys along with ease! Want him to mosey on into your house??? Then come meet this unique and lovable little lad.



I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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