Tyrone Power-ADOPTED



Although he was just a peewee kitten with a severely mangled rear leg, TYRONE had the POWER to survive.

Although he must have been in a lot of pain when a Good Samaritan rescued & rushed him to Babylon Shelter, TYRONE had the POWER to be a purring love bug.

Although Babylon Shelter took him immediately to NY Vet & TYRONE had his rear leg amputated by a specialist, TYRONE had the POWER to heal quickly & get around well.

Although TYRONE moved to Last Hope today & was the “new kitten in town”, he had the POWER to turn many volunteers into his fans.

Tripod TYRONE will never know he is different from other cats, because he’ll be able to zoom, jump & use his litterbox without issues.

TYRONE is at Last Hope Wantagh where he has the POWER to put potential adopters under his charming spell .

Visit TYRONE there.
Although TYRONE is only 8-9 weeks old, he has the POWER to make YOU want to Adopt him.

Note for the younger set:
Tyrone Power was a movie star idol from the 1930s to 1950s. He was a Marine pilot during WWII..and died in 1958 at age 44 of a heart attack while filming a sword dueling scene in Madrid.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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