Vinilo-ADOPTED!! 1/2/17


**Thank Heaven, VINILO continued to sing out like Caruso!**
His loud MEOW saved his life!
When he was only 4 weeks old, VINILO got stuck at the bottom of a 6 ft vinyl fence post, actually another foot underground too, submerged in rainwater. He kept meowing until a lady heard him in the back of her yard, but she could not find a cat.
She called Babylon Animal Shelter for help, and director Chris & ACO Jill rushed over and heard him too. It was so hard to locate the trapped kitty b/c the Wyandanch HS graduation was going on full blast just behind the yard.  Finally they heard him at the bottom of a vinyl fence post w/o a cover..After a bit of MacGyverism, Chris cut a doorway at the bottom of the post, and Jill was able to squeeze her hand in to pull him out covered with vinyl flakes. Jill fostered him all summer until we scoffed him up to take to Last Hope.
VINILO means “vinyl” in Spanish. He was born in May 2016 and is quite unique with his long fur, ear tufts, and silver undercoat. He is a gorgeous friendly boy with a beautiful fluffy tail!

20160905020, Vinilo


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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