Weebles- special needs Pit mix-ADOPTED!

“SPECIAL” Has Several Meanings…
“Weebles” is SPECIAL in many ways..and he needs to find someone SPECIAL to care for him, forever and a day, however long that may be.
“Weebles” loves and appreciates those who give him attention. He has an unusual cluster physical disabilities and the future of his health remains uncertain.
Four years ago “Weebles” came to Last Hope from Brookhaven Town Shelter as a singleton puppy with tremors…something neurological was going on….but no one was sure what it was.
He was adopted by a loving couple…Soon it became apparent he was also deaf. “Weebles” learned some hand signals. He got along well w/ their adult Pit who helped “show him the ropes” and even participated on stage at one of the Bully Breed Brigades.
Two babies joined the family, and “Weebles” continued in his cheery ways…His Mom became severely allergic to him…He was supposed to come back to Last Hope several years ago but the family worked out a living arrangement.
“Weebles” resembles dogs with a very rare condition called “short spine syndrome”. He may or may not be one of the few dogs with this condition. Recently he suffered an episode of paralysis..His family lives on the top floor of a house and carrying such a large dog up and down a flight of stairs to go outside became way too difficult.
Our vet was able to help him regain movement with a new drug…but no one knows how long this treatment will last. It is not a cure. He is likely to have more trouble with his spine in the future.
“Weebles” is looking for a long (or short) term foster home with someone who will cherish him for his cheery ways and upbeat attitude despite the physical limitations he endures.

weebles nowweeblesweebles


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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