ABRAHAM- Adopted

?ABRAHAM Contemplating His Future.?
“What’s Next?” he wonders. ” On Sunday, they took me someplace..I don’t remember much..think I was sleep awhile.. When I woke up, I heard talk of a Big Snip, whatever that is.
Well, I am back in the same cage I was in with my twin brother Darryl.
We both feel a tad tired and somewhat sore.
Is this our destiny, or is there something more?
We are 3 months old. Someone nice found all 4 of us with our Mom (where is she now?) scrounging for food in a Roosevelt yard when we were 14 weeks old.
Since then, we had room service & affection from the volunteers at Last Hope..(I heard that was the name of this kitten hotel).
But, please tell me, and I hate to be ungrateful, is there something more I could hope for ..or is this nice place my last hope for the rest of my life? Just heard I am going to PETCO SYOSSET . Is that another kitten hotel?”
PLEASE RESPOND to ABRAHAM, and tell him what else Last Hope has to offer him.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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