ADOPTION PLEA: Blind Kittens-ORIENT & VALARIO-Still See the World as Their Playground

    ORIENT has no idea that he’s completely blind, or that his adoption is package deal.
Silly, fluffy ORIENT belongs to a litter rescued outside on Fire Island. Several of the siblings were found with eye infections, but ORIENT’s infection had already progressed so far that his eyeballs had adhesions, and his remaining sight was minimal.
     The specialist recommended both his eyes be removed because later on they could recede & cause cancer.
ORIENT had a double enucleation 2 months ago. Meanwhile , VALARIO found in a bad situation in Rockaway became ORIENT’s BFF in foster care with volunteer Deb O.
     VALARIO also had damage from a double eye infection, and needed 2 eyes enucleated also.
When these semi-blind buddies were at Last Hope Cat Center in Wantagh, they played with glee.
Both beach boy kittens are 8 months old.
    ORIENT had eye surgery first, and when he came back to the Center, VALARIO kept hissing & swatting at him.
Often pets smell differently after hospitalization. Their animal friends don’t recognize them.
     Next VALARIO had his eye surgery & the boys were kept apart until they recovered, and their stitches were removed.
Then with foster Mom Deb’s help , they were gradually re-introduced. The cuties are thick as thieves again.
     ORIENT is more outgoing & initiates play. VALARIO is more reserved but joins in each game. .
     Deb has taught ORIENT how to fetch a foil ball. It’s hard to believe he has NO EYES.
Cats are remarkable about compensating for lack of vision with their whiskers, ears & limbs.
We would love to see them adopted together. There is a good chance VALARIO will become ORIENT’S guide cat, & vice versa.
And that would be WONDERFUL.
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