CEPHEUS- senior male Dachshund-Adopted


You don’t think of old Dachshunds as runaway dogs. How far could those little legs and extended spine take an elderly Doxie? Therefore, you’d assume a stray, neglected, older Dachshund was abandoned.

Meet CEPHEUS the black and tan senior male. He is only 10 pounds. Here is sad story from his sending shelter:
” CEPHEUS was found wandering a busy highway late at night, all alone. Fortunately a kind person saw him walking up the yellow line, and stopped to pick him up.
His skin was crawling with fleas, orange mud caked all over him, and his nails were painfully grown into his feet. He welcomed a pedicure, medicated bath and lots of kisses!
(We did have to give him small trims over the days as his nails were so long it would be painful & bloody, if trimmed all the way back right away)
One of our staff took him home while he waited to come Last Hope, Because no senior deserves to spend their days lonely in an overcrowded shelter.
CEPHEUS enjoys the company of people and other dogs his size. He spent his days here with a special needs dog about his size- and they enjoyed slow romps together in the grass!
This sweet old man can’t wait to wear sweaters and be doted on like he deserves! “
    ?CEPHEUS is named after a constellation. In mythology he was the King of Ethiopia and husband of Cassiopeia. Glad his namesake is a constellation because Last Hope plans to make this cutie a STAR for adoption.
       To meet CEPHEUS by appointment at Last Hope in Wantagh, please complete and submit a dog adoption application found on the Last Hope website homepage.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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