DYLAN-Special Needs Cat- Adopted

????DYLAN says: “Last Hope Gave Me Shelter From My Storm, and Now I’m Knock, Knock, Knocking on Someone’s Door to Take Me HOME. “????
? DYLAN is a Special Needs Kitten-a Wonderful, Special Needs Kitten so Please excuse DYLAN’s botched-up borrow of his Nobel Laureate Namesake’s lyrics to ask for a Special Home.
???DYLAN, now 10 months old, came to Last Hope in January on a Georgia rescue transport. We were aware he probably had congenital megacolon & stood no chance of being adopted or treated there because the Georgia shelters are overwhelmed with cat/kitten intake, and the surgery, if needed, was quite costly.
?When cats have megacolon, their colon is distended and constipation becomes a serious problem which affects a cat’s comfort & life span.
???DYLAN, a delightful fellow with fancy ear tufts, became a volunteer favorite while he received treatment & diagnostics here via Last Hope.
? Over a month ago, DYLAN had complex surgery by a Long Island veterinary specialist where a portion of his colon was removed & his organs were reattached.
???DYLAN has been monitored throughout his recovery and is doing quite well. He will most likely need to remain on a diet of Rx id canned food the rest of his life.
?If you are interested in embracing delightful DYLAN as a feline family member, please complete and submit a cat adoption application found on the Last Hope website.
???Our cat coordinator Doreen will be talking to you too about his care.
? We know DYLAN’s Adopter is “Blowin’ the Wind”, and will find find our Delightful Fellow, DYLAN.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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