Great News: Last Hope Received a $15,000 Grant from PETCO LOVE to Provide Spay/Neuter for Pets of Owners in Financial Hardship

Great News: Last Hope has received a generous grant from PETCO LOVE that will enable us to provide spay/ neuter at a very low price for the dogs & cats of owners in financial need.
(Note: This grant $ is not for feral or stray animals.)
…..Also, if our participating veterinarians find a pre-existing condition with pre-bloodwork or at the time of spay/neuter , the owner is responsible for future treatment needed by the pet.
    Once the owner is accepted into this grant program based on financial need-
Dog owners will pay just $50 per dog. Cat owners will pay $25 per cat.
.    The same owners get a certificate with a list of participating vets to make their own appointment.
This spay/ neuter grant program available because of the generosity of PETCO LOVE, and will exist until Last Hope runs out of assistance funds or by Dec. 31, 2024.
To Apply for Spay/Neuter Assistance, go to the homepage on our website-, look under the red tab on top of the page that says “INFORMATION “, then go down 4 topics to click on the “Veterinary Assistance” choice.
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