HENRY- older male Beagle-ADOPTED

The Revolving Beagle Door at Last Hope. 
Seems when a Beagle leaves us to embark upon life in a real home, a close clone canine steps through the Wantagh Dog Center lobby to take that Beagle’s place.
This morning, RICKY a 9 yr old Beagle from Georgia is scheduled for adoption pickup;
and yesterday, HENRY, a 9 yr old Beagle from Kentucky arrived to replace RICKY.
Gaze into HENRY’s deep, dark eyes.
Do you see his wishful expression of yearning for a FOREVER HOME where he can relax during his golden years. … to make up for eons of neglect?
Last Hope sees the familiar gaze, and we will do our best to find HENRY true devotion and security soon..

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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