LOUIE-senior male Pit mix- In Foster

You Gotta Love LOUIE. We do.
He’s a sedate, senior Pit mix who really needs a retirement home.
Back in Nov 2011, Last Hope took LOUIE from Hempstead Town Shelter because the shelter was packed with Pits, and he was such a great Bully Breed ambassador.
Since 2012, he’d been with the same family who adopted him at Last Hope. They took great care of LOUIE.
Last Saturday the young man from that family came into Last Hope in tears.
It seems he now lives in an apartment that does not allow dogs. LOUIE stayed with his Dad who is getting on in years too. He was walking LOUIE (who doesn’t pull) and fell in the street.
An ambulance took Dad to the hospital where he remained..Someone on the scene called Hempstead Town Shelter to take LOUIE the unattended dog.
The son was distraught because couldn’t redeem his dog.. and knew LOUIE would be so bewildered & depressed..He asked Last Hope to intervene on his behalf.
Letty went next door with the son & asked if we could reclaim our dog from 11 years ago. The shelter kindly obliged so now LOUIE is back at Last Hope in a smaller setting at Last Hope.
He is getting a senior medical work-up. Our wish is that someone kind will take LOUIE home to make his golden years as bright as they were ’til the sad circumstances last weekend.

Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

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